Art work by: clannyfenton
I love how this portrays Kai’s boyish awkwardness just perfectly. It’s beautiful.

here u go <3
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Book: Earth

With a lot of these new Legend of Korra episodes happening in the Earth Kingdom, I’m glad I re-watch Book: Earth. I loved the second season because it introduced Toph, one of my favorite characters in the show, she is such a badass. I’m glad Toph kept being amazing after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Hopefully there are some good flashbacks of her as an adult in 6th episode.
I’ll probably be posting Book: Fire Saturday or Sunday.
P.S. Fuck you M. Night Shyamalan.

I doodled fanart of fanart of fanfiction
But seriously this is one of my favorite pieces of makorra fanart right here by this lovely artist aer-dna, which is a drawing for sasuske12234's story. yeah go look at those awesome people
This isn’t really a scene from the story since they’re supposed to be wearing masks but I just loved the outfits that aer-dna drew and I needed a break and wanted to doodle it


when will i stop 

"Come here and kiss meeeeee!!!" 


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Boomerang and Princess Yue. One of them comes back. #Avatar #Yue #Suki #Sokka